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roboguard perimeter security

Each RoboGuard system comprises an HQ, plus individual RoboGuard units, covering areas of your property.
The HQ can be connected to your alarm system or used as a portable early warning device.

The RoboGuard has a detection range of 20 meters at 110º. The range from the HQ to each RoboGuard is 400 meters (line of sight, usually 100m domestically). If a Repeater Station is added the range is doubled to 400 or 800 meters (pending line of sight) from the HQ to the RoboGuard.

The RoboGuard system comprises of decoder panels (receives and decodes) and multiple RoboGuards (detects and transmits). The RoboGuards are installed in suitable locations throughout your property where they carry out their lifesaving mission – to detect and report all intruders’ 24-hours a day. Each RoboGuards has an individual signature that is used by the decoder panels for identification and will identify an intruder of a specific RoboGuard by both audible and visual means.

All decoder panels comes standard with alarm outputs and are configured in such a way that there is a product for each application, whether it is a single open input on your alarm panel to connect eight RoboGuards or multiple open inputs to apply with SAIDSA bylaw 24 v1.2 with individual tamper, intruder and auto-test.


Each RoboGuard senses the presence of a intruder at 20 meters in an arc of 110°.

Housed in high pressure moulded Poly-Carb abs blend provides a robust, weather proof protection.

Anti tamper switch protects RoboGuard even when it is switched off.

U.H.F. surface acoustic wave resonator ensures “spot on” reliable radio communication through walls and steel structures.

Resident buzzer makes user diagnostics and setting up child’s play.

Algorithm selection for intruder detection completely eliminates false alarms. Choose from a selection of algorithms to cater for: extreme weather, large birds etc.

Lenses made with Poly IR6, a U.S. patented material and carry a 10 year warranty against ultra-violet damage.

30 micro-amp current consumption 8xC type batteries give extended life (2+ years typically)

Due to wireless nature totally impervious to lightning.

Two Dual-Element Passive Infra-Red Sensors

roboguard perimetersecurity

The Ultimate Wireless Early Warning System

  perimetersecurity roboguard


HQ can take up to eight RoboGuards with individual zone, tamper and supervision LED’s. HQ has a burglar connection that needs to be connected to a zone on the alarm panel to function. An onboard buzzer allows you to monitor your RoboGuards even when your alarm is turned off.


  • The HQ can monitor eight RoboGuards with individual intruder detected, tamper detect and supervision LED’s together with audible warning sounds.
  • The HQ has five output switches to connect to other devices, one that can switch 1AMP the other four, 40ma.[siren, cell module, lights, burglar alarm, radio transmitters]
  • The HQ also incorporates remote arming, disarming, panic and auxiliary via the RoboGuard four button pendant transmitter.
  • The HQ functions off its resident NiMH 6v battery and has 10-12 hours of autonomy with a twenty five hour charge cycle.
  • Incorporated with the HQ is the battery charger, a removable cable for the output switches and an Allan key to disassemble.
  • The HQ can monitor other devices via the RoboGuard universal transmitter which will "mimic" the RoboGuard (electric fence, burglar alarm, and other types of sensor).
  • With the on board UHF receiver and resident speaker the mobile HQ is extremely flexible and can be used in many applications, it is in fact a complete and comprehensive security system.



  • Professional Mounting Brackets
    These are specially (in-house) manufactured aluminium brackets to mount your RoboGuard Sensor.
  • New Deluxe 7AH Power pack, Relay & Siren
    This is an add-on to your system which enables you to link your RoboGuards to their own External Siren, also gives you an audible confirmation signal when remotely switching on and off.
  • Universal Transmitter
    Used to transmit (mimic) a roboguard signal from an external device through to your HQ receiver..
  • Universal Receiver
    Normally used in your gate and/or garage motor this receiver allows you to use your roboguard remotes to trigger the motor.
  • Gate Monitor
    This is an add-on to your system which monitors your gate if opened. A pulsed output is sent through to your HQ unit either as a RoboGuard Signal or a chime on your HQ, received signal can be set via the timer as required.
  • Anything Else?
    Other components are avaiable to support your system, feel free to mail through your enquiry and we will help plan you system.


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